FONL Committee

Following the 2018 AGM in August the Committee is currently comprised of:

  • President: Gaye Witney
  • Treasurer: Manny Gaugain
  • Publicity Officer: Mluk Nehme
  • Secretary: Mary Burbidge
  • Public Officer: Ron Bowman
  • General Committee Members: Gaida Saulitis, Ingrid Dodd and Di Whittle

Please note: All financial members are eligible to become committee members and new members are always welcome.

We thank past President, Lorraine Harrison, past Publicity Officer, Gai Mooney' and Committee Member, Sue Wright, for their many years of active service.

About FoNL Committee 

The Committee meets monthly to:

  • plan and review monthly events;
  • liase with HBCC officers on the calendar of events for the coming year;
  • work with HBCC rangers to address issues relating to the park;
  • provide newsletters and other information to members;
  • manage memberships issues;
  • manage finances;
  • deal with correspondence; and
  • hold an AGM for members as per our Constitution.

     Volunteers hard at work at a mulching event

Past Presidents

  • Valerie Gemmell
  • Sarah Berry
  • Ellie Larkins
  • Lorraine Harrison

Life Members

  • Sarah Berry
  • Ron Bowman
  • Mary Burbidge
  • Lorraine Harrison
  • Gai Moonie



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